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How to Turn Signatures Into Six Figures?



How to Become a Notary Public (VIDEO)

  • Get your notary commission, Bond and Errors and Omissions Insurance

  • Purchase stamp, notary journal

  • Create Professional email and/or establish a dedicated phone line,

  • Learn how to confirms the identity of the borrower,

  • Witnesses the signing

  • Getting Bonded/Errors & Omission Insurance

  • Ensure documents are signed correctly

  • Proper notary journal entries

  • Administer oaths or affirmations (if applicable) then notarizes the required documents.

  • List yourself on multiple notary sites.

  • Get certified as a Signing Agent through the National Notary Association



Next Level - Becoming a Notary Loan Signing Agent (VIDEO)

The notary's responsibilities as a Loan Signing Agent.

  • Various types of loan documents

  • Wet/Hybrid signings

  • Remote Online Agent           

Understanding the Loan Documents (VIDEO)

  • Basic Knowledge of Loan Documents. Step-by-Step walk through of a loan package (Structured Settlements, Fixed/Adjustable Rate, HELOC, Reverse Mortgage, and Seller Package)

    • Note

    • Deed of Trust

    • Truth in Lending

    • Right to Cancel

    • Hud-1 (Good Faith Estimate)

    • Closing Statement

  • Borrower Signatures, Dates and Initials on the Loan Documents

  • Proper Handling of the "Right to Cancel"

  • Mistakes to Avoid



Preparing For Your First Loan Signing (MOCK VIDEO)

  • Appointment "Check List

  • Understanding loan appointment requirements (basic questions to confirm appointment)

    • What type of closing is it?

    • Will it require faxbacks/scanbacks?

    • How many signers are there?

    • What is the contact information for the signers?

    • Are there written instructions from the signing company or client?

  • Show the proper procedures in setting the appointment.

  • Presenting Loan Documents to the Borrower

  • instructed on the proper way to go through the loan package with the buyer(s).

  • Checking the documents for completeness

  • Giving the Borrower/s copies before leaving

  • Learn How to Package Loan Documents & return documents to title or escrow company properly.

    • Email and Online eDocuments

    • Checking the Loan Package

  • Call-in after order is complete

  • When borrower fails to shop-up for signing



Business Essentials (VIDEO)

  • Setting up your office

  • Software Recommendations

  • Expense Spreadsheet (Logging & Reporting Income)

  • What’s in Your Notary Bag

  • Professional Behavior and Appearance

  • Signing fees and travel charges

  • Safety ... Using Good Judgment

  • Mistakes to Avoid

  • NSA Certification (background check)


Record Or Permit Document Paper Stamper
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